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Completing the prototype of Mailhandler

This article is part of the Google Summer of Code blog series.

It's been more than 2 weeks since coding summer with Google was started. During the first week, I was working on building a prototype of Mailhandler module for Drupal 8.

In order to finish the prototype and merge the feature branch, I had to provide automated test coverage.

Drupal provides two types of automated tests:

Coding summer with Google

This is the first chapter of blog series related to my Google Summer of Code 2016 participation.

Almost a month ago, together with 10 other students, I have been selected to contribute Drupal this summer via Google Summer of Code project. 

GSoC is the great opportunity for University students to spend a summer break by contributing to one of the many preselected open-source organizations. This is my first GSoC participation and it has been held for the 12th year now. Back in 2008, I took a part in a similar event - Google Highly Open Contest which was basically summer of code for high school students.